Group Agreements


Talking about money can be uncomfortable, so it is very important to establish a safe space that is supportive, positive, and helps participants feel optimistic about their futures.

10 Minutes

Step 1.

For many people talking about money can bring up a lot of fear or worry about judgment. We want everyone to be comfortable and get the most out of these discussions as possible.

Step 2.

 Propose the following group agreements:

  • Take turns listening and speaking without interrupting or side conversations.
  • Speak respectfully about yourself and others.
  • Focus on your own experiences by using “I” statements.
  • Don’t offer advice to others unless asked.
  • Keep discussions confidential.

Step 3.

 Ask if anyone would like to add any group agreements to help have the best experience together.

Step 4.

 Ask the group if they are willing to agree to the guidelines.

Coaching Questions:

  • Which group agreement is the most important to you?
  • Why is it important to have group agreements when talking about money?
  • What is one way you will remember to use the group agreements?

Helpful Hints:

  • Review these group agreements before using a Money Mindset Card or post them in the room.
  • If time allows, ask participants to provide an example of how they will put each group agreement into action.
  • If participants break any of the group agreements, gently remind them of what they agreed to at the beginning of the session or program.

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