How to use Money Mindset Cards


The Inspiration Cards focus on unearthing values and goals so the students have a clearer idea of how their values build into their long- and short-term financial life.



The Identity Cards focus on building awareness of how we thought about money when we were growing up and how society, advertisements, friends and others influence our relationship with money now.



The Intention Cards focus on how we can take what we know or have learned and move forward to create a more intentional future..


How to Start

Step 1.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the facilitation guide and tips.

Step 2.

Prepare your space and gather materials including paper, pens, sticky notes, and markers. Each card will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to facilitate depending on the size of your group.

Step 3.

Select card(s) beforehand or choose card(s) at random. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the back of each card to guide your group through an activity.

Step 4.

After the activity, facilitate a group discussion based on the coaching questions on each card.

Step 5.

Look for the helpful hints on each card to make the most of the experience.


Facilitator Tips


Listen with intention by paying attention to those who are speaking without thinking, mind-wandering, or having an agenda. Focus less on their words but instead listen deeper to hear their emotions, strengths, beliefs, and motivations.


Listen for values. Values are what are most important for the person sharing with the group. Values are intangible and are not good or bad.


Focus on strengths by directing the conversation towards what is possible, what is working well, and where each person’s strengths and resiliencies are.


Share your own journey and relationship with money, or an example you’ve observed, to show that we’ve all had setbacks and successes when it comes to finances.


Engage in a conversation by asking questions, sitting in silence, and suspending judgement. Try to follow-up with participants by saying: “tell me more,” “that’s interesting,” “why would you say that,” “help me understand.”


Brainstorming ideas or thoughts is all about encouraging quantity and building on others ideas, thoughts, and reflections. It is powerful when a group generates and builds a vision together.


Conversations that inspire action