Now or Later?

How do you decide? Take this short quiz and reflect on the right balance for you.



15 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Ask the group to answer the following questions either out loud or on paper:

  • I would rather go see a new movie in theater that just came out, OR wait for it to come out on DVD/streaming
  • I would rather buy a new piece of clothing I found that I love, OR wait for it to go on sale and get two instead
  • When I was a kid I ate all of my Halloween candy as fast as I could, OR tried to make it last and ate it slowly
  • When it’s payday I tend to buy a little something for myself, OR when it’s payday I save a little away for future-me to spend


Ask the group, do you generally appreciate things now or later? (Use the coaching questions to facilitate more discussion.)


Coaching Questions:

  • How do you decide which things to get now versus which things to get later? Are there certain things you can’t wait for?

  • Who do you talk to to help you decide?


Helpful Hints:

  • Remind the group it’s not better or worse to lean towards “now” or “later,” but it can be helpful to notice what your natural posture is so you can decide if that’s what you want to practice in the future.