Where Does Your Money Mind Go?

When we take a moment, what does your money mindset focus on?



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Ask everyone to close their eyes or rest their gaze on something in the room and think about the last thing you ate. Think about each of the individual ingredients: where did they come from? Were they picked, washed, chopped, shipped, or baked? Imagine what happened to each of those ingredients for it to have become the food you ate.


Now think about all the things you spent money on this past week. Consider: where did that money come from? How did you get that money? Where did it go? How do you feel about each of the things you spent money on?


Remind the group that this exercise is not meant to make anyone feel good or bad about how they spent their money. We are noticing where our money mind goes when we take a moment to reflect.


Use the coaching questions to inspire group discussion.


Coaching Questions:

  • Were you surprised by any of the feelings that came up?

  • What did you notice about your money mind and what it chose to focus on during this exercise?

  •  What did you take away from this experience?


Helpful Hints:

  • Wrap up by asking the group to take a moment to accept whatever happened last week, and give ourselves permission to let go of any negative thought-track that no longer serves us. This is a new week.