Find Your Why in The Sky

Your why is what drives you — your values & purpose that inform your decisions and the path you take.



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Draw an outline of a tree with a trunk, branches, and a big sun in the sky.


Write down…

  • For the roots, think about what grounds you (such as— family, church, nature, friends).
  • For the trunk, think about what roles you play in the world (such as— son, mother, employee, artist, student).
  • For your branches, think about your strengths (such as— sense of humor, a great cook, being there for my kids).
  • For the sun, think about what inspires you, what you are striving for, your bigger purpose, and why you do what you do every day.


Ask volunteers to share their sun (or their why) and thank them for sharing. (Use the coaching questions below to inspire more discussion with the group.)


Coaching Questions:

  • In what ways do your money habits support or not support your why?
  • What surprised you about this? What was hard about this for you?
  • What’s some activities that you could do to support your why?
  • What’s one financial goal or habit that would best support your why?

Helpful Hints:

  • There are no wrong answers. This is a reflection of each person’s unique self and what they bring to the world. Thank each person after they share.

  •  Be prepared to share your own why.