Showing Your Love

Share what makes a gift meaningful and your gifting goals.



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Discuss as a group: what’s the best gift you’ve ever received?What was the best gift you’ve ever given?


Discuss with a partner: who is someone in your life you’d like togive a gift to? Ideally, what do you want to get them? What do you hope the gift shows about how you feel?


In pairs, brainstorm other ways you could express your feelingsof appreciation to that person while you wait to save for the gift.(Use the coaching questions to facilitate more discussion.)


Coaching Questions:

  • Why do people give gifts?

  •  Did you hear any new ways to show love and gratitude?

  • What is important to you when you receive a gift?


Helpful Hints:

  • Gratitude for others and other moments in our life increases our mental and physical well-being.

  • Brainstorming new and different ways to show appreciation for the people who are important in our life helps us acknowledge them on those special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, and also maybe save a few extra dollars.