90 Second Money Interview

Reflect on your relationship with money and practice speaking powerfully about your experience.



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Finish the following sentences on a blank piece of paper.

• My family growing up would never spend money on…

• Sometimes my family growing up would spend too much money on…

• Sometimes I see my friends spend too much money on…

• I sometimes feel guilty when I spend money on…

• If I had a lot of money, I would not spend a lot on…

• I don’t regret spending money on…

• I wish I could take back the money I spent on…

• I wish I had more money to spend on…


Pair off and take turns sharing, what surprised you? Whatchallenged you? What did you learn?


After some time, use the coaching questions to create a discussion.


Coaching Questions:

  • How are your experiences with money different or the same as the people around you?

  • Why do you think are they different or the same?

  • How do your answers reflect your values? How do they not?


Helpful Hints:

  • Present step one by reading the questions slowly and pausing to allow people a chance to reflect and respond.

  • Ask students to “tell me more” to create further opportunities for reflection.