Spender or Saver

Take this quiz to find out if you’re a natural spender, saver, or somewhere in the middle.



15 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Read out loud, or write on a whiteboard, the following questions and answers:

  • When it’s payday I:
    A) Start shopping,
    B) Make sure my check gets deposited or cashed, or
    C) Both
  • When I think about taking a vacation my first thoughts are:
    A) All the fun things I can do and/or buy there,
    B) How much money I need to save for that, or
    C) Both
  • If I get a tax refund I’m going to:
    A) Buy something with that right away,
    B) Put that money aside to save,
    C) Both
  • If I find a $20 bill on the ground and no one else is around I’m going to:
    A) Spend that extra money,
    B) Add that money to my savings, or
    C) Spend some and save some


If you answered mostly “A” then you might be a natural spender and if you answered mostly “B” then you might be a natural saver.If your answers were about even or were mostly “C” then you're right in the middle.


Use the coaching questions below to inspire more discussion.


Coaching Questions:

  • What does this tell you about the way different people think about money

  • Is where you ended up where you expected to be?


Helpful Hints:

  • Remember there’s nothing wrong with being a natural spender, a natural saver, or being right in the middle. The goal of this exercise is to discover where you’re at today, reflect on how that might impact the choices you make in the future, and if there’s anything you want to practice in the meantime.