Party Together

Planning our spending with others can help us see ways to work together, share resources, & have fun.



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Imagine you are planning a party with the people at your table.Does your party have a fun theme? Make a list of all the thingsyou will need for the party.


Put a checkmark next to all the things on the list people already have. For example, maybe someone already has charcoal for the BBQ. Maybe someone else will use the tomatoes from their garden to make salsa. Maybe someone else has extra tables and chairs they can bring.


Find the items on the list that you will probably save on from buying together. Perhaps you can get a better deal on vegetables and meat because you will be buying more.


Bring the group back together and use the coaching questionsto facilitate more discussion.


Coaching Questions:

  • How is planning a party with a group different than planning alone?
  • What spending do you share with other people now? (Rent, grocery, car)
  • How might you share more spending or saving with people in your life?

Helpful Hints:

  • Building your network and your connections to others helps us all improve the quality of our lives. Building something together feels good and helps us all share what we have.