Advertise to Save

Flip the script on the advertisements we see everyday.



20 minutes


Money Mindset Steps


Brainstorm all the ways we encounter advertisements. (Example:signs and billboards, commercials, newspapers and magazines)


Estimate how many times you encounter marketing on a daily basis. How much of your day is spent being advertised to? Consider what’s appealing about the ads and how they influence your thoughts or feelings.


Individually, draw a “Personalized Savings Advertisement”billboard based on what you want to save for. After a fewminutes, ask for volunteers to share.


In the future when you see an ad, you can mentally replace it with your own personalized savings ad to remind yourself what it is you really want. (Use coaching questions to inspire discussion.)


Coaching Questions:

  • What is something you want to buy right now? Why?
  • Can you think of a time when you bought something and later wished you hadn’t? Why do you think that happens?
  • What was helpful about this experience today? How do you think this will impact you or those around you in the future?

Helpful Hints:

  • Fact: The US spends double the amount on advertising (approx. $190 Billion) than China ( Advertising is powerful, but we can become more aware of how it influences thoughts and behaviors and make the right decisions for ourselves.

  • Remind the group it’s ok to spend money — this activity is about being aware of the social pressures to spend.